Sunday, March 15, 2015

Setting the agenda

Dear all, 

Welcome to "The Greek Philosopher". For those who haven't heard of me before, which is most likely the case: I am masters- educated philosophy grad and guitar player/song-writer, among other things. This blog was created years ago to express my thoughts when it comes to matters of moral philosophy as a student. I am now re-starting the page to serve a slightly different purpose.

The reason for this change in direction has to do with growing tired of the often narrow focus of academic philosophy. Of course, there is no denying that there are meaningful debates to be had in academia. I am also not saying that more "theoretical" debates are of no so-called "pragmatic" use.

However the world has and is changing radically, while the role of a "philosopher", I would argue, cannot remain static. Instead it must itself be put under scrutiny. This scrutiny is especially needed in an age where mainstream media has grown increasingly biased in empirical reporting while habitually employing logical fallacies to put out flawed and inconsistent analysis of events and policies in accordance to corporate and authoritarian interests.

This degeneration of the media is dangerous for several reasons. Most importantly, it is dangerous due to the necessity of informed consent when it comes to working democracies. Being democratic involves more than just dropping the occasional vote in a voting booth. It is not something we simply "have or do not have", but a matter of degree. It's a struggle, a fight. It's war common people are loosing.

So what can a more philosophic take on political commentary offer? Hopefully, some value -- exposing fallacies in mainstream media which otherwise may often go unnoticed, showing the ideological underpinnings of certain views, offering a more detailed analysis of the reasoning involved. This should be akin to turning journalists into philosophers and philosophers into journalists.

That is my goal here. To what degree I can accomplish this remains to be seen. In any case, I hope you will find the"ride" valuable in one way or another. 

I will not be answering questions via as I did before, but rather make posts about relevant issues.